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Why Mother’s Day Matters

It’s Sunday morning, around 7am, I feel someone shaking me. I wake up and see my daughter. In the lowest voice you can possibly imagine, she whispers at me: “It’s Mother’s Day!” The plan was to make breakfast in bed for mommy, give her flowers and the card she made in school. And that’s exactly what hat we did! She toasted the waffles and sliced the strawberries while I cooked the scrambled eggs. She was so excited and she just couldn’t wait to surprise mommy! For me, seeing the kids’ excitement is worth so much more than however grandiose these days have become, whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day. I actually spoke about that on the podcast. About how my wife isn’t demanding in the least about these events and the smallest gesture would suffice. Of course, I would never take that for granted but as the kids grow older, I feel like these celebrations have become much more about them. Also, as parents, I believe we should instill in our kids the importance of highlighting these days, mainly for two reasons. The first reason is pretty simple and quite obvious. I want my kids to develop the reflex of caring for the people they love and to express it with a giving nature, be it a celebration, a gift, etc. I want them to consider it normal going out of their way for someone they care about and love. The second reason, and specifically with regards to Mother’s Day, is because a mom deserves this attention, love and care! Like Chris mentioned on the podcast, the connection moms have with their kids can’t be compared with anything! The love they feel and share is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! On this aspect, moms definitely have an edge over the father and it’s obvious! We’ve all heard the cliché “every day is Mother’s Day”, and I agree totally. However, this one day dedicated to all moms, in my opinion, is crucial. Primarily for young families to incorporate what I just mentioned above, but also to take things a little step further than we do on the regular and reiterate how important moms are, how much we love them and, quite frankly, how totally lost daddies would be without them!

We love you mommies!

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